2020 International Conference on Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Control(ICPRIC 2020)aims to provide a high-level international forum for researchers, engineers and scientists to present the new advances and research results in the fields of electronics, communication, network and computer technology.

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

1. Pattern recognition and signal processing

(1) pattern recognition

(2) biological information processing

(3) new methods and technologies of digital signal processing

(4) real time signal and random signal acquisition and processing technology

(5) array signal processing technology

(6) advanced filtering technology

(7) multi source information fusion technology

(8) image processing

(9) embedded system

2. Intelligent control and automation

(1) control theory and Application

(2) intelligent and optimal control system

(3) system science and system engineering

(4) system modeling, analysis and synthesis

(5) power system and automation

(6) power electronics and electric drive

(7) measurement and control technology and instruments

(8) smart grid

(9) neural network

(10) remote sensing technology

3. Artificial intelligence and robot

(1) artificial intelligence and deep learning

(2) computer vision

(3) robot

(4) machine learning

(5) data mining and big data analysis application

4. Other related topics