Welcome Prof. Xia Mao ​from School of electronic information engineering, Beihang university, China to be Committee!

Prof. Xia Mao, School of electronic information engineering, Beihang university, China (click) (click) (click)

Research Area: Artificial Intelligence, Pattern recognition,  Affective Computing,  HCI

Research Experience:

Professor MAO xia is mainly engaged in artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, emotional computing, human-computer interaction and other fields of research. Presided over by the national natural science fund project, 863 doctoral fund plan project, the Ministry of Education priority development field project, Beijing natural science foundation project, aviation fund project, aerospace and so on more than ten support fund and the international cooperation projects, both at home and abroad important academic journals and conference papers published more than 150 papers, published monograph four at home and abroad, more than 60 apply for patents, which has given more than 40 items. In October 2011, Manuela to Carnegie Mellon university professor Veloso is head of the delegation to the national science foundation (NSF) Mao Xia led by professor of artificial intelligence and pattern recognition research was carried out, and the research level of the project group gave high evaluation: "professor Mao Xia leadership group is an excellent research team, the research achievements of research was published in top international conferences and journals, have excellent performance. The research group attaches great importance to the establishment of an open database that can be used as a standard. Research in the field of human-computer emotional interaction is unique in China. His research won the second prize of outstanding achievements in scientific and technological research in colleges and universities.
Professor MAO xia has been a member of the board of directors of the Chinese association of automation, chairman of the working committee for women in science and technology, a member of IEEE and IEICE, and a senior member of the China electronics society. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Neuro Computing, Optical Engineering, IET Image Processing, Journal of Visual Languages and Computing, Infrared Physics & Technology, knowledge-based Systems and other international review experts.